SeviTech Systems specializes in executing ASIC design projects from specification to GDSII. We leverage the decades of experience and technical know-how to execute projects within time and right at the first go. We can quickly ramp up teams and manage programs aggressively to ensure quick time to market and high quality.

We can support you as your low cost offshore development center, enabling you to focus on your key strengths and leaving the rest of the development effort to us.

SeviTech Turnkey Benefits

  1. Technical excellence
  2. Cutting Edge solutions
  3. Less development times
  4. Reduced Risk
  5. Cost Saving
  6. Bundled products e.g. IP, VIP

SeviTech Areas of Expertise

  1. Micro Architecture / RTL: - Have executed multiple automotive and infotainment SoC
  2. Design Verification: - Executed complete verification of smartphone SoC, display IC
  3. Analog & Mixed Signal: - Owned the complete SerDes, DDR and PM design & Layout
  4. Physical Design: - Successfully tapeout multiple Networking , Wireless and automotive SoCs at various Tech nodes (45nm, 28nm, 16nm,7nm) with multiple foundries using various implementation EDA tools